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                                                   K-Prep Class                                                     (4 years old before September 1st)



The Kinder Prep classroom is a busy classroom, children are learning through the play process, interacting

with other children and learning important social skills as well as phonics.  It is a fun place as well as a learning place.



Preschoolers are learning about letters, words, numbers, colors, shapes and all about the world around them.  This program is a phonics curriculum that will teach letter recognition and sounds.  Children will be learning a new letter and sound each week along with a story and song about the animal representing that sound and letter.  Children will be developing pre-reading and reading skills, and also developing phonetic awareness.  Our phonics work pages allow children to develop good writing skills as well as phonics.


MATH – Level K

Math work pages teach number recognition, adding, subtraction, pre-algebra, pre-geometry, classification, sorting, problem solving, units of measure and more.



Learning centers alongside a phonics curriculum provide experiences for preschoolers that foster the skills they need to develop such as: small motor, gross motor,  cognitive and social growth, books, playdough and art table, painting, playhouse, puzzles, and manipulatives are all part of the learning environment that teach a balance of skill-building experiences across all areas of development.



A Bible story (age appropriate) will be read every Wednesday that will reinforce the principles

and values of Christian character assisting parents in their God given responsibility of training

their children to produce healthy, happy wholesome lives that respect authority and appreciate our American heritage. 

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